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My second creation (yes, I seem to build one per year) is the World Trade Center.

The fountain and benches in front of the towers.  The key design here is the facade of the first floors.  Others have also built the Word Trade Center with Lego, and usually with more detail, but that was not my goal.

Looking down the towers reveals the closeness of the upright beams.  Half these 1x1x5s are on-stud, but every-odd beam is off-stud, making them closer together and giving it that unique WTC appearance.  This freed me to build much smaller (but without using grill-plates as everyone else used).

I set myself apart from other WTC builders by making mine the 9-11-01 WTC.  The impact section did not turn out to my liking, and up close looks like a donut.  Sadly, that is also the section that took the longest to create.

The black/red/yellow/orange impact area took the longest because it required me to study photographs closely.  It was depressing, and I unintentionally took weeks off from building.

My Lego World Trade Center breaks down into about 7 pieces -- plus the removable antenna and fountain sculpture.  Here she is all packed up and ready for our trip to Chicago.  Yay!  Attending BrickWorld's 2007 debut event 720 miles away was a last-minute decision.  I spent 8 months building these towers, and completed the smoke and top sections in just the last 8 days.

First night at BrickWorld, ready for viewing.  This photo by Joe Meno.  The BrickWorld display card is facing to the right with my name, sculpture title, and "creator's thoughts."

This is a great shot that captures the image I was aiming for.  It is distant, the way the towers were viewed in reality, and accurately portrays that iconic image of that day.

I recieved many compliments on the flow of the smoke plume.  It was great luck turning out so well as I hurried it together in the past 48 hours.

The Lego Twin Towers generated many surprised looks and much cellphone photography.  People didn't seem to know how to react, but couldn't help looking -- "like a train wreck" one person said.

Some people simply shook their heads in disbelief and moved on.  Others stared and studied.  Very few read my homemade sign explaining my thoughts on the project.

One woman said it was great, and teared up.  "It's a wonderful tribute," she said, almost crying, "and very well done!"  I said thank you and nearly cried with her.  The words "wonderful tribute" were often used, although I didn't mean for this to be either good or bad; it is simply an honest snapshot.

I was surprised at the number of small children who pointed and asked, "Mommy, what's that?"

I was shocked and honored to win "Best Vignette" at BrickWorld.  The speaker introduced this category explaining that the votes were tied, and one official had to cast the tie-breaking vote, giving me the award.

I didn't see this coming, and I couldn't have been more thrilled.  Oh, the ego.

Back home with our award.

Until I find more space to store the 5 boxes for it, it actually take up the least space when assembled.

You never know where life is going to take you.