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For my first creation since my Dark Ages, I thought a mosaic, being one-dimensional, would be an easy start.  And it was easy to work around; I could pack orders on top of the work-in-progress without having to clear the table.

This Spring I had purchased a trike which I rode across Arizona.  That was my other memorable event of 2007.  So I wanted to memorialize that experience in a Lego mosaic.  That's how I selected this photo.

I used Photoshop to prepare my image.  Photoshop highlighted each color for me so I basically painted-by-numbers.  I filled each color entirely, one at a time.  I layed my laptop on the mosaic and moved around filling in the colors, following the Photoshop grid.

The border is 7-studs wide which is ideal for the lettering of my signature at the bottom.

I predicted a need to repeatedly secure, move, and re-secure the final product.  So I planned ahead to make the screws removable.  The border consists primarily of larger 6x10s and 6x14 plates.  There are exactly 14x the 6x8 plates, and they each cover a screw that holds the baseplates to the backboard.

I begrudgingly dremeled off one tube from these cover plates, to allow room for the screwhead.

Now the mosaic may be removed from the wall, and even from the board to which it is attached, without having to destroy it.

The final mosaic is 45" x 60" (+ some border overhang).

With the mosaic screwed to a waferboard backing, I added heavy-duty cable, like photo frames, to hang it.  So it can easily be moved from place to place.  It currently hangs in my Lego storage room.

You never know where life is going to take you.